A Peek Inside a Whidbey Beach House


Do you ever drive down West Beach rd. and imagine what it would be like to live in one of those houses right on the beach?

I got to go into an amazing beach house today. You walk in through the front door and bam! The ocean is right there. It's unreal. I snapped a few pictures, and they also happen to be a perfect example of why professional photography is a MUST when selling your house, because these pictures don't do the home or the view any justice. But that's another topic for another time. 

Living room

Check out this living room with the floor to ceiling fireplace. Can you imagine sitting here next to the warm fire, looking out those windows at the crashing waves? Yes please!

I want to point out the staging done here. It's incredible. It's beachy, classy, inviting, and could appeal to just about anyone. 

But it get's even better. The kitchen is pretty much any cooks dream kitchen. It's got the big brick stove surround (straight out of a magazine) and that stove. Viking stoves are top notch not only for how they cook the food, but also for how beautiful they are, if you can call a stove beautiful (the answer is yes, yes you can). 

The center island is the perfect size. The cabinets are beautiful and fit the design well. This is a beach house, and it should look like a beach house. They match all the built in cabinets in the rest of the house as well. 


I could have sat in this house all day and ended it with something warm to drink by the fire. It has  whimsy and charm, just like this fabulous island we live on. 


Ready to find your own dream beach house?


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