Kapaws Iskreme Re-Opening Soon!

One of the Island's best kept secrets is its small town mom and pop ice cream shop, Kapaws Iskreme

Located on the historic Front Street in downtown Coupeville, this locally owned ice cream shop is the perfect place to bring your family for something sweet to eat. The building has some unique history. It was moved from its original location to its current location, which is actually pretty fitting for Coupeville considering how many buildings were shipped in from other places to our island. It has also served as a meat market, real estate office, video store, and barber shop. But my favorite past life was when it was a coffee shop. The building used to be home to the very first Seattle's Best coffee (if you're a coffee lover, you must go get your picture next to the plaque on the wall). It's got quite the interesting story and if you ask them at the shop, they will tell you how Seattle's Best came up with the name. 


In the summertime there is a line, but they are so efficient in there that you don't have to stand around for too long. But, for us locals, we don't have to wait until summer to get to enjoy some of the best ice cream on the island. 

Not many people know about this, but Kapaws offers $1 ice cream cones for kids and its senior customers. Cake cone, single scoop, and sprinkles if that's your thing for only a dollar. They care about their customers and it shows in the smiles on their faces and in how they price their products.

"We go there almost every weekend during the ice cream season. We eat ice cream, walk the pier, and look for crabs on the beach. Where else can you buy ice cream for 4 kids and only pay $4? Kapaws is the best! Totally worth the drive to Coupeville." - Oak Harbor resident

If you haven't tried their coffee milk shake. You must! You can choose any ice cream flavor they have in the store to mix in. I'm a classic vanilla bean kind of girl, but I hear the chocolate is amazing. It's the most amazing, creamy, delicious, coffee filled milk shake you'll ever have.

The only downside is they close for the winter. But, the wait is almost over. They open back up March 1st. Grab your kids, spouses, friends, parents, and empty belly's. It's ice cream time!


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