10 Tips To Get Your Home Clutter-free


Do you have the resolution to be more organized? Do less cleaning? Are you planning on moving this year? Then this is a must. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Declutter one room at a time.

2. Each item you pick up you need to ask yourself if you really NEED this. Don't save things for "maybe one day I'll need/use/want this."

3. Have 4 containers ready to sort: keep, trash, donate, and maybe keep. Make sure you review your "maybe keep" box monthly. (see below for places to donate in Oak Harbor)

4. Start with just 5 minutes a day.

5. Put all your sentimental items in one place to sort though again. When you do, ask yourself if you need this item for the memory, or is the memory enough.

6. If you are saving your stuff for your kids when they grow up, don't! They don't want it.

7. Have a designated spot for everything, that way when it's time to tidy up, everything has its place.

8. Involve your kids. No doubt they have a room full of toys and only play with 10% of them.

9. If you can stay on task, start a "to sell" pile. Oak Harbor has a great online BST (buy/sell/trade) community through Facebook. If it hasn't sold in 10 days, donate.

10. Have fun! Getting rid of clutter and mess frees up more of your time to enjoy this beautiful island.

Looking to donate instead of throw away?

Here are some of Oak Harbor's donation centers: Island Thrift, Garage of Blessings, Waif, Habitat for Humanity Oak Harbor.

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