Mariners' Cove

Where once long ago there was a ferry landing for the north end of Whidbey Island, there is now a remarkable community called Mariners’ Cove Beach Club. 


Mariners' Cove is located on the Northeast corner of Whidbey Island on the West side of Saratoga Pass.  It's in a natural amphitheater, protected from the prevailing winds.  It has its own water system, hydrants, street lights and the first natural gas on the island.   

 Boat docks are really the heart of Mariners’ Cove.  There is close to 1,500 feet of dock space (including finger piers) available on the two MCBC community docks providing moorage for up to 50 boats. The canals depths are maintained in extreme low tides by a coffer dam at the entrance to the marina

 Boat Ramp (for non-commercial use only), Small Parking Are, Views of Saratoga Passage, Camano Island, and Cascade Mountain

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